Canada Without Shadows

the sound installation

The poetic journey begins with Lynn’s Five Songs for Daddy, lamenting cultural displacement and the death of memory, in the Romanichal Lee/Hutchinson family who left England for Canada in 1910. Memory is like a body’s vital organ which, when irreparably damaged, dies.

With Hedina's Suno 1 and Suno 2 we move to 1980 - 90. Suno 1 celebrates the joy of daily life in her mahala – noise and laughter of children, music, people calling. In the second dream, Suno 2, the mahala is empty, torn by war. She searches for her family – Nai san kote. Nane mi familija – and awakens in a foreign land.

In part three we are in 2011, with recorded testimony fragments of five Romani women who have sought refuge in Canada.

Birdsong, the fourth component of the installation, represents hope.

Canada Without Shadows was recorded, edited and produced by Norman Verrall. Project languages are English, Romanes, and Hungarian.

Sound files (mp3) and text of poems

Five Songs for Daddy:  listen  read

Suno 1, Suno 2:
 listen  read in English  read in Romani

Hungarian Romani women:  listen

Birdsong:  listen