Canada Without Shadows

the project

Canada Without Shadows is a collaboration of Red Tree and Chirikli Collective. The project, a sound installation in four parts, was originally conceptualised by Hedina and Lynn for the Roma Pavilion, Venice, with curatorial consultation by Suzana Milevska. Canada Without Shadows was motivated by the need for Romani cultural agency and voice in an era of globalisation and neoliberalism; for artist-community collaboration to facilitate the vision held by the witness/participant; for Romani women to speak of their lives; and by the need to address contemporary Romani experience as a critical response to prevailing dominant cultures.

Canada is imagined as a place ‘without shadows’ of racism and violence against Roma in Europe.

But what does Canada offer Roma? Where is the forum in which they can tell their stories?

We explore Canada as refuge at three times over one hundred years, anchoring it in the reality of neocolonial culture, racism, forced migration, and in the desires of Roma to build a new life in this country.