The Witness Project

the project

The Witness Project, a collaboration of Red Tree and Chirikli Collective, is embedded in Canada Without Shadows. This community component of the project was carried out with community partners St. Christopher House and Roma Community Centre, and supported with a grant from Toronto Arts Council.

The Witness Project features visual images and written/recorded testimonies by five Hungarian Romani women – Ilona, Timea, Monika V., Gizella, and Monika B. – who, along with their families, have sought refuge in Toronto, Canada. The artists conducted workshops with the women. At St. Christopher House, Hedina facilitated writing workshops, in which the women wrote and recorded stories of their lives, hopes and dreams; Lynn set up a printmaking studio where they made block prints.

The women’s testimonies and prints are featured in a small 24-page book, Canada Without Shadows: I am a Romani Woman / Kanada Bizo Uchalipe: Me Sem Romni. The book contextualises their testimonies with reports, texts, resources, and the artists’ own work.

Project volunteers were Livia Kenyeres, Tünde Igli, Hajnalka Klein (translation), and Nina Bottacini (printmaking workshops).

Women’s testimonies were recorded by Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić. Project community co-ordinator was Gina Csanyi. Book design and production is by Eric Mills of Eric Mills Editing and Design.